Multimedia design course for print - Course project folder

Multimedia design course for print - Course project folder

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This is the project folder to accompany the online 15 episode course. 

The course can be watched for free here: Multimedia Design course for print | Course overview & breakdown: 

Access PDF course index here:

On the course we will be creating stationary for a fictional architecture company. 

We will be creating:

- A business card
- Letterhead
- 12 page booklet brochure

To enjoy the full experience and follow along using all assets featured in the videos, the project folder will need to be purchased for a small fee.

What is in the project folder.

The project folder contains over 30 files.
All carefully selected for a premium learning experience.


- Photoshop Monochrome image templates [6 files]
- Illustrator patterns [6 files]
- InDesign business card template [Finished example]
- InDesign Letterhead Template [Finished example]
- InDesign 12 page booklet brochure template [Finished example]
- Image links for brochure [11 files]
- Scamp design sheets [6 files] Raw Assets:
- Photography [10 files]
- Design reference PDF material
- Fictional branding document
- Font not included [link to free online source supplied]